In today’s sophisticated economic and business climate almost every transaction, entity, and business formation raise federal and state income tax issues on which The Majors Law Firm, PLLC has the depth of knowledge and expertise to advise you.

We make every effort to minimize our client’s tax exposure, save taxes when challenged by taxing authorities, structure business deals in order to make them tax-efficient, and undertake tax planning to reduce risks of future tax problems and liabilities.

The Firm’s tax practice is wide ranging and covers many of the tax issues you or your businesses will face. These include choice of entities to be used, tax aspects of mergers and acquisitions, issues involved in real estate transactions, and issues relating to the formation of pass-through entities (S corporations, partnerships, and LLCs). The Firm’s tax practice also covers estate planning, business succession planning, and family wealth transfers for high net worth individuals and businesses of all types.

The Firm also offers experience in handling controversy work with the IRS, including audits, appeals, and pretrial tax litigation. The prospect of an IRS examination or audit can be very upsetting to either you or your business. An examination or audit can disrupt your business operations and, if not handled properly and controlled, can materially affect your business relationships, and ultimately your bottom line.

With care and knowledge of your particularized needs and situation, the Firm will serve as your guide and help to resolve your tax issues. There are many avenues and opportunities for handling disputes with the IRS, often without having to resort to litigation. When faced with an examination or audit, we will utilize those specific methods appropriate for you while keeping you apprised of all important developments with your case.

Whether our clients are faced with complex estate and gift tax examinations, corporate tax issues, or with income tax issues for individuals or trusts and estates, the Firm’s extensive knowledge of the tax controversy process and experience with the IRS at all levels enables us to reach favorable outcomes and resolutions for our clients.