Every year, Americans give billions of dollars to charities, often without fully understanding
the significant tax benefits that can strengthen their own finances.

The Majors Law Firm advises private individuals on their planned giving strategies, helping them structure charitable gifts and bequests in the manner that most effectively implements their philanthropic goals and donative intent while maximizing the potential tax benefits. Our comprehensive charitable giving strategies can increase savings by reducing income taxes and minimizing, or even eliminating, estate and capital gains taxes. Certain trusts can even increase retirement income. Our Firm guides clients in determining the best plan to support their charitable cause.

Types of charitable giving services available include:

  • Incorporation of Charitable Non-Profit Organizations
  • Development of Private and Community Foundations
  • Charitable Remainder and Lead Trusts
  • Charitable Gifts and Bequests
  • Donor Advised Funds
  • Ongoing Management and Advising